Timetable and FAQs


14.00   Registration and room allocation
16.00   Welcome Meeting - Rehearsal Theatre 
16.30   Massed Sectional - Sectional Rooms
18.00   Dinner – Dining Hall
19.00   Prestige Massed Band Rehearsal – Rehearsal Theatre 
20.30   Break 
21.00   Evening Entertainment: Tutor Recital
21.30   BBSS Bar 

08.00   Breakfast | Optional: warm-up class w/David Childs
09.00   Sovereign Rehearsal | Imperial Sectional 
10.15   Morning Coffee
10.45   Imperial Rehearsal | Sovereign Sectional 
12.00   Lunch 
14.00   Sovereign Rehearsal | Imperial Individual Lessons 
15.15   Afternoon Tea
15.45   Imperial Rehearsal | Sovereign Individual Lessons 
17.00   Break | Optional: Perform with a Pianist - Matthew McCombie
18.00   Dinner
19.00   Prestige Massed Band Rehearsal
20.30   Break 
21.00   Evening Entertainment: Owen Farr & Becky Smith Recital
21.30   BBSS Quiz Night

08.00   Breakfast | Optional: warm-up class w/Owen Farr
09.00   Imperial Rehearsal | Sovereign Sectional
10.15   Official BBSS Photograph, Morning Coffee
10.45   Sovereign Rehearseal | Imperial Sectional
12.00   Lunch
14.00   Brass in Concert Rehearsal 1
15.15   Afternoon Tea
15.45   Optional: Ensemble Rehearsals
17.00   Break | Optional: Perform with a Pianist - Matthew McCombie
18.00   Dinner
19.00   Prestige Massed Band Rehearsal
20.30   Break 
21.00   Evening Entertainment: Chris Bradley & Brian Taylor Recital
21.30   BBSS Bingo and Cocktails

08.00   Breakfast | Optional: warm-up class w/Les Neish
09.00   Sovereign Rehearsal | Imperial Lessons
10.15   Morning Coffee
10.45   BBSS Solo Showcase 
12.00   Lunch
14.00   Imperial Rehearsal | Sovereign Lessons
15.15   Afternoon Tea
15.45   Brass in Concert Rehearsal 2
17.00   Free Evening

08.00   Breakfast 
09.00   Imperial Rehearsal | Sovereign Sectional
10.15   Morning Coffee
10.45   BBSS Ensemble Extravaganza
12.00   Lunch Break
14.00   Sovereign Rehearse | Imperial Sectional
15.15   Afternoon Tea
15.45   Brass In Concert Rehearsal 3 
17.00   Break 
18.00   Dinner 
19.00   Brass in Concert Entertainment Contest 
20.30   Break 
21.00   Evening Entertainment: Tutor Ensemble Show & Results Ceremony 
21.30   Bar & Guest Interview

08.00   Breakfast | Optional: warm-up class w/Becky Smith
09.00   Prestige Massed Band Sectionals
10.15   Morning Coffee
10.45   Roger Webster Master Class
12.00   Lunch Break
14.00   St Wilfrid's Prestige Massed Band sound check
14.45   St Wilfrid's Sovereign Band sound check
15.30   St Wilfrid's Imperial Band sound check
16.15   Free Time 
17.30   Dinner 
19.30   Finale Gala Concert 
21.30   End of Summer School Party hosted by BBSS Staff (free bar for Delegates!)

08.00 Breakfast & Farewell 


What are warm-up class? 
These short classes will take place in the Chapel and will be led by different BBSS Tutors on each occasion. Lasting only 20 minutes there will be plenty of time remaining for breakfast! Sessions are optional, but all are welcome.

Do we play in different bands? What are the Sovereign & Imperial bands?
All delegates are assigned to either the Sovereign or Imperial Bands. Together with your BBSS Tutor you are welcome to decide which band you’d like to be part of. When Sovereign band rehearses, Imperial breaks out into generic sections for sectional coaching or individual lessons, and vice versa.

Does everyone get an individual lesson? 
Every BBSS delegate is entitled to a short individual lesson with their specialist tutor. The opportunity is there for everyone, although there is no pressure - these sessions are optional. Your tutor will liaise with you regarding lesson times.

What is the Prestige massed band?
Both the Imperial and Sovereign Bands join together to make one large band.

Is 'Perform with a Pianist' my opportunity to play a solo?
All BBSS delegates have the opportunity to perform with our in-house professional pianist, Matthew McCombie. Those who take the opportunity are likely to feature in Wednesday’s Solo Showcase Concert. However, even if playing a solo in public is not for you, all are welcome to use these sessions which provide a unique opportunity to perform with an expert pianist. Don’t forget to bring your piano scores with you!

What is the Solo Showcase?
This informal concert presented by our in-house pianist on Wednesday morning will feature a selection of solos and duets rehearsed with piano during the aforementioned ‘Perform with a Pianist’ sessions. 

What is 'Brass In Concert'?
In addition to the Sovereign & Imperial bands all BBSS delegates will be assigned to one of three ‘Brass in Concert’ bands. These three bands will spend three rehearsals working with student conductors (and staff mentors) on a 20 minute programme of entertaining concert music to be performed in Thursday evening’s BBSS Brass in Concert Championship – a light hearted and entertaining contest judged by the music staff! Those interested in conducting one of these bands should make themselves known to Contest Controller Owen Farr early in the week. All potential conductors are welcome to bring their own music with them.

Will I get the opportunity to play in smaller ensembles? 
You are welcome to form small chamber ensembles with fellow musicians at any point during the week with a view to your ensemble featuring in Thursday’s Ensemble Extravaganza Concert. However, on Tuesday specific time has been allocated in the schedule for Ensemble Rehearsals, and upon request tutorial staff will be available to coach your ensemble. If you are unable to form your own group, but would like to be in an ensemble let your specialist tutor know and the formation of your ensemble will be taken care of for you. Although the BBSS has a good library of chamber music, you are also encouraged to bring your own ensemble music with you.

Ensemble Extravaganza?
This concert gives a platform for sections of the band and a variety of newly formed ensembles to showcase the repertoire they’ve been working on in an informal setting.  

What can I expect in the form of Evening Entertainment?
Most evening rehearsals will finish at 8.30pm giving you ample opportunity to rehydrate yourself before taking your seat in the audience to enjoy a short recital given by every member of the BBSS tutorial staff. Following these short performances you’ll then have the opportunity for further entertainment in the form of quizzes, interviews and a well stocked bar for all to enjoy!

Is the Brass Band Summer School suitable for children?
Absolutely! Children are welcomed and will be given every opportunity to perform, but all delegates under the age of 18 must be chaperoned by an adult. The Brass Band Summer School is not like National Youth organisations - we do not employ pastoral staff.

What standard should I be to attend the Brass Band Summer School?
We try to cater for all ages and abilities, but a minimum of grade 5 is recommended. The word 'School' within the course's title is historical and doesn't truly represent what a BBSS week is all about. Some delegates come to learn, but others come to have a great time playing music to the best of their ability whilst socialising with like-minded musicians. Our emphasis is always on fun and enjoyment - ability and age should be no barrier.

Can I find my own accommodation off campus and still attend the course? Is it possible to sign-up for the course as a non-playing resident delegate?
Yes, both options are possible and can be discussed at the time of booking.

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